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Virtual Worship Resources

The Diocese of East Tennessee is committed to providing our parishes, clergy, and community members the resources to continue their spiritual lives whilst making decisions to remain home. Below is a recording of a webinar on virtual worship that was recently held. You will also find our “Worship from Home” page linked at the bottom. There you will find information on services that will be streamed on television or the web, morning prayer resources, and other options for participating in the prayer life of the church.

As members of our community tackle the challenge of meeting virtually, we will continue to update this page with resources on virtual worship.

Virtual Worship Webinar

Digging Into Metrics

As our communities continue to suspend in-person worship and hold services online, we seek to learn from our activities on social media and virtual meeting platforms. While attendance and metrics from these interactions do not go in your parish’s red register of services, it is still important to understand how people are engaging our activity online. Below is a vide on how to read into metrics on Facebook. A few pointers for Zoom are listed below that.

Facebook Metrics

Zoom Metrics

Zoom (and other meeting platforms) are harder to capture metics with when using the meeting function. It is helpful to assign a co-host once the meeting has started, not just for assisting with managing microphone muting and possible unruliness, but also to help count attendees. For example, you may look down to your participant list and notice that 10 people are present in the meeting. However, in looking at each camera, you see that one has four people watching, another two, and so forth. It is helpful to note both the number of attendees per computer (household) and the number of attendees per presence on camera (number of people attending). It is also helpful to use the registration mechanism in Zoom so that you can see how many people have registered as a baseline.

Best Practices and other Resources

  • When streaming your worship service, we highly suggest that you obtain a streaming license from a major licensing company like OneLicense or CCLI.
  •, a licensing company that coordinates with many Episcopal-type music publishers, is offering a free, one month license for printing and streaming. Please head here for details on that offer.
  • Leverage Zoom, Google Meet/Hangouts, Skype, and Facebook Live for your virtual worship.
  • When hosting worship, designate at least two leaders and do not speak at the same time (reading the same passage).
  • Make sure to use headphones with a microphone or a good microphone.
  • When hosting virtual worship on Sunday morning, we highly suggest morning prayer with the readings for Sunday’s principle service (not the Daily Office readings, but of course you can read those too).
  • See this great article from the Diocese of Chicago about taking your church online.