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We are One Diocese, One People of God Together

On Friday, April 17, we visited with a small group of clergy and lay leaders from our parish churches in Chattanooga and Cleveland who were most impacted by the tornadoes of Easter Sunday night/Monday morning.

We met at St. Francis Ooltewah, fewer than 10 of us, socially distanced and masked. Along with a time for prayer, we updated each other regarding the damage done to homes of parishioners and church buildings.

If you would like to make a donation towards tornado relief, it was decided yesterday to direct funds towards either Grace Chattanooga or St Luke’s Cleveland. The funds at Grace will be shared and coordinated with other Chattanooga parishes where need arises. The St Luke’s fund will focus on tornado relief need in Bradley County.

At present, we believe these dollars will primarily focus on addressing housing needs for church members who are currently out of their homes.

Grace Episcopal Church
Rector’s Discretionary Fund–Tornado Relief
20 Belvoir Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37411

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Rector’s Discretionary Fund–Tornado Relief
320 Broad Street NW
Cleveland, TN 37511-5038

In this COVID 19 season, please do not forget those who have been killed, injured, or displaced because of the tornadoes in Chattanooga and Cleveland. In a time of pandemic, we are dispersed, but we remain one body. Your care of each other in this time is a tangible sign of that oneness.


+ Brian