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  • Parish Musician

    St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Elizabethton, TN, seeks a part-time parish musician.

    St. Thomas Episcopal Church is a dynamic and growing parish of The Episcopal Church. Celebrating liturgy bi-lingually (English and Spanish) Sundays and feast days and appreciating traditional Appalachian music throughout the liturgical year, St. Thomas is based in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition celebrating with The Hymnal 1982, the hymnal of The Episcopal Church, as well as African-American, praise, and spiritual traditions of the Christian faith.

    Services are 11:00 am on Sundays with weekday and evening services in Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter seasons. We are looking for a committed and talented musician with, ideally, competency at organ and piano. Other instruments are a plus. We dream for a small choir. And all of this in a part-time position. We are blessed with an historic and beautiful house of workshop, 158 years old.

    Part-time compensation is $100 per service, both regularly scheduled as well as seasonal and special evens (weddings, funerals, etc.). St. Thomas also provides one music conference/workshop annually for educational and music advancement. Incentive and bonus monies are also provided for the position.

    The people of St. Thomas see and value music as a part of our spiritual lives, a critical part of our growth, and at the heart of our worship.


    • Competency and proven ability in one or two instruments-piano and/or organ;
    • Planning and organizational meetings with the Priest and Pastor quarterly;
    • Practice sessions at Christmas and Easter seasons as well as for major parish events, perhaps two or three annually;
    • A mutual, annual review with the Priest and Pastor;
    • Safeguarding training in working with all ages as provided through the diocese; and,
    • To begin within the first year the recruitment and presence of a small choir at St. Thomas.

    St. Thomas celebrates with four developmental and guiding frames (2015):

    We are People of “Word and Sacrament,” The Holy Bible, Holy Baptism, and Holy Eucharist-The Lord’s Supper

    We Love our Home of Elizabethton and Carter County, Tennessee in Southern Appalachia

    We Respect, Serve, and Love all Humanity, all Creatures, and all Creation

    Children and Young People are at our Heart


    The Revered Timothy Holder
    Priest and Pastor
    (423) 707-0042