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Bishop Sanders Scholarship Fund for Racial Minorities

The Bishop Evan Sanders Scholarship Fund for Racial Minorities was established in 1991 by the Diocese of East Tennessee in honor of and in recognition of the spiritual leadership of Bishop Sanders.


Ashton Sanders Webpage

Ashton Mayo-Beavers



The Bishop Sanders Scholarship is an immense blessing especially during this unpredictable time. I am currently attending Mercer University where I am planning to be a Computer Science major  and a double minor in Law and Public Policy and Math. The Bishop Sanders Scholarship will help me further my goals in all my academic paths and also help purchase my books for next semester. I am beyond thankful and honored for the opportunities and security that this scholarship will offer me.

Hilizah Sanders Webpage

Ellon Hilizah



“This Fall I will be a sophomore attending Middle Tennessee State University, majoring in Psychology. With the help of this scholarship I hope to use it to help cover books and classes. I am beyond grateful and blessed to have been recognized for this amazing opportunity. I am so excited to see what my future holds for me! Thank you so much!”

Devin Badgett

Devin Badgett



“Being afforded the opportunity and privilege of higher education is an extraordinary thing. It is far too expensive a thing, and I do my best to remain aware of the fact that the blessings bestowed upon the youth of this community stretch beyond the spiritual world and into the societal, and physical circumstances that we interact with each day. The Bishop Sanders scholarship affords me peace of mind. It is a clear, outlined affirmation that my community is rooting for me in several ways. My passions are being encouraged and my worries of a post-collegiate financial burden can occupy much less of my education experience. I am nothing short of thankful.”



Adam-Bradley Tisdale




“Receiving the Bishop Sanders Scholarship has been such an incredible blessing this past school year.  This scholarship has helped immensely to relieve the financial stress of school that so many students struggle with.  This spring I will be entering my sophomore year of college, and with the help of this scholarship I can continue to pursue my educational goals. I am so thankful for the opportunity that the Bishop Sanders Scholarship has given me.”





The purpose of the scholarship is to provide college tuition assistance to qualified racial minorities from Episcopal churches within the diocese.

The Application Form, Scholarship Guidelines and Recommendation Form are available at the link below, or may be requested by either writing the Diocese of East Tennessee located at 814 Episcopal School Way, Knoxville, TN 37932 or by calling 865-966-2110.

In order to be considered, the Application Form and all supporting documents (Recommendation Forms and Transcripts) must be received in the diocesan office by August 30, 2021.