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Looking for upcoming events like Part-Time is Plenty, Lunch & Learn, Becoming Beloved Community in Lent, Cultivating Soul Soil, Absalom Jones Weekend, and the Aloha Stewardship Conference?

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Becoming Beloved Community

The Beloved Community is the body within which we promote the fruits of the spirit and grow to recognize our kinship as people who love God and love the image of God that we find in our neighbors, in ourselves, and in creation. It provides a positive, theologically and biblically based ideal toward which we can grow in love, rather than framing our justice and reconciliation efforts as fundamentally “against” (as in antiracism, anti-oppression, etc.).

Becoming Beloved Community, The Episcopal Church

Become Beloved Community

COVID-19 Updates

Check on the latest COVID-19 updates. Most recent is the Return to Work Policy Guidelines for our parishes.

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The Episcopal Church in East Tennessee’s Evangelism Task Force is excited to announce a new offering in practicing evangelism: EvangeLettersEvangeLetters will be a practice in the art of sharing portions of your own personal story of faith with the goal of being an evangelist.  Sharing your story is what evangelism is at its heart: sharing how Jesus has been present in or changed your life, and why you continue to follow Him.

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The 4Ms of Mental Health

Our current pandemic and the deep and abiding cries for justice now ringing through our nation are challenging us daily and deeply. In response, the Christian Education Task Force for our diocese has designed a 4-week offering called The 4Ms of Mental Health: Mindfulness, Movement, Mastery, and Meaningful Connection. To learn why these practices are important for our mental and spiritual health, click below.

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St John's Cathedral

The cathedral of the Episcopal Church in East Tennessee is nestled in the heart of downtown Knoxville. St. John’s Cathedral welcomes you to make St. John’s your cathedral.

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About The Episcopal Church In East Tennessee

Our Diocese is a collaborative community of engaged members with a “can-do” spirit who are creative, energetic and generous followers of Jesus. We are nestled in the valley between the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains, covering approximately 14,350 square miles in 33 counties in East Tennessee and one in North Georgia. Within this area are 50 diverse congregations which range in attendance from nine to more than 450 faithful worshipers. The Rt. Rev. Brian L. Cole is the fifth bishop of East Tennessee. Clergy number more than 150, which includes 73 priests, 22 vocational deacons and more than 60 non-parochial and retired priests and deacons, all serving under a common call to Reconcile All Things in Christ. In addition to efforts to keep our annual diocesan convention relevant and informative, recent diocesan-wide collaborations include a Christian Formation Task Force, an Evangelism Task Force and a Becoming Beloved Community Task Force. The Diocese of East Tennessee is committed to being a community of prayer and action, caring for the people of our beautiful East Tennessee region. Our forward looking vision is that creativity and innovation are theological tasks, guided by the Holy Spirit. We are rooted in Christ and we are open to the world.

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Upcoming Events

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